Funny story: Japan to sink to bottom of the ocean after leak in Kyoto found

Japan to sink to bottom of the ocean after leak in Kyoto found

The nation of Japan is panicking after it was discovered that the country had sprung a leak late last night and could sink to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. The leak was found by Shinji Ono, a credit controller from Kyoto who said he found it in hi...

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New Dyson Seatless Sofa Patent Targets Japanese Market

Hatari Dyson, the inventor of the bagless tea bag has come up trumps with another potential winner. With factories tooled up to produce billions of the innovative seatless "standing only" sofas, colossal post Christmas sofa orders have broken all re...

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ISIS is not headless!

Rebel fighters fighting ISIS have confirmed the fact that they are not a bunch of headless chickens, however, they are a bunch of loony headbangers who love giving head!
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