Funny story: Don't masturbate or your hand will get pregnant

Don't masturbate or your hand will get pregnant

Men who masturbate have been given a dire warning by a Muslim televangelist who claimed live on TV that they will find their hands PREGNANT in the afterlife. Mucahid Cihad Han made the bizarre statement in a question and answer session on a radica...

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'New species' of ancient human found

A new species of ancient human has been unearthed in the Afar region of Ethiopia, scientists report. Researchers discovered jaw bones and teeth, which date to between 3.3m and 3.5m years old.The teeth showed signs of violent clenching and grinding...

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Mexican Demon 'Charlie' not a Twitter user

People around the world are trying to summon a "Mexican demon" named Charlie, using pencils and a bit of paper. This follows a Twitter explosion, #CharlieCharlieChallenge, where readers are encouraged to summon the demon to answer their questions,...

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Funny story: If men had periods

If men had periods

According to recent research, if men had periods they would brag about them on Facebook, Sports Commentators would incorporate menstrual impact on a Footballer's performance, and bookmakers would factor a player's menstrual cycle into their betting...

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BBC Springwatch to get makeover

With the return of Hunting with Hounds in the Queens Speech, Springwatch will now be presented by Jeremy Clarkson and feature footage of dogs ripping Foxes and Badgers to death.
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