Funny story: PSNI/Gardai Smash Radiostar Country Barbiturates Ring

PSNI/Gardai Smash Radiostar Country Barbiturates Ring

The Irish and British have been at each other's throats for centuries, in a way that makes the rap grudge between Kanye West and LL Cool J look like as pointless and infantile as a mere peevish World of Warcraft endless circle-jerk of meaningless con...
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The twang's the thang!

A massive pair of soiled silk knickers once reputedly worn by Queen Victoria has sold for almost £500 an inch. The Royal underwear with a regal 52-inch waist, plus 66-inch bust chemise, sparked a fierce bidding war when they were auctioned this we...
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Cameroon Proposes TV Debate with Class War

Prime Minister, David Cameroon, has come up with a clever plan to embarrass Labour by promoting a TV debate with Class War before the next election. He argued that there was a 'groundswell of opinion that dismissed all the effing political parties...
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Funny story: Halloween Promotion leads to City Quarantine

Halloween Promotion leads to City Quarantine

Police have today slammed a Melbourne events company for having "a reckless lack of social awareness" after a publicity stunt for an upcoming Halloween event caused chaos in an inner-city apartment building and the closure of an entire city block.??O...
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European Tectonic Plates

The Massif Central Mountain Range of France is eroding at a rate of 190% per month. The National Geographic Society says this is probably a factual error, but don't really care.

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