Funny story: Pope to Take On British Sex Scandal Enquiry

Pope to Take On British Sex Scandal Enquiry

The Pope has accepted the plea from Theresa May, Brittain's Home Secretary, to look into the alleged sex scandals among the British Establishment. 'We do not want someone too close to Brittain' she told a rowdy House of Commons 'The Pope is the id...

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England Begins to Pay Concessions to Scotland

Glasgow, Scotland As part of the agreement made to keep Scotland in the United Kingdom, the British Royal Family arrived in Glasgow today dressed in kilts, reciting Robert Bruce poetry and playing bagpipes. "I am told the family is especially war...

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Britons Vote Out Prince Charles as Next King

London, England In a strongly anticipated move, the entire British Commonwealth voted to bypass Prince Charles in favor of his son, Prince William. "Charles is just so stodgy, he will have the whole British Empire asleep before he is even half-way...

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Funny story: Paul McCartney to Re-do Entire Beatles Catalog

Paul McCartney to Re-do Entire Beatles Catalog

London, England Living Beatle legend Sir Paul McCartney announced today that he would start re-doing the Beatles catalog the way he thinks they should have been done and will start releasing them at Christmas each year until "Linda and Rita the Meter...

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Plans Unveiled For £97m Supercomputer To Boost Met Office Computing Capacity By 13 Times

'We will still have no bloody idea,' confirmed a Met office expert, 'what tomorrow's weather will be in southern Hampshire.'
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