UKIP Offers Voters Marmite

UKIP has taken to the streets of Britain, handing out free jars of marmite to passers-by as a goodwill gesture to potential voters. In the run-up to the election, the party is determined to ensure it remains in the political race. UKIP original...

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Oscar Salad by Ann Tone

Red faces were very much in vogue in Hollywood after last nights Oscars. A delivery person, carrying a long wooden tray of salad ingredients was sent by security staff to the front entrance of the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, instead of the servan...

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Louis van Gaal's new tactic; spitting!

LVG introduced a secret weapon to his lame team hoping to please frustrated United fans; a spitting Llama! Away fans loved his debut at Newcastle and hope now they can spit their way into the top 4!
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