Funny story:  Russian Navy Steal Isle of Man

Russian Navy Steal Isle of Man

The Government is holding emergency talks with Russia after the Russian navy stole the Isle of Man and moved it to within just 1 mile of the Russian coast in an attempt to catapult the UK into the Ukraine/Russian war. The daring raid took place l...
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Cameron: "Hey OAPS! I love Countdown too!"

David Cameron is to publicly state how much he enjoys Countdown, his slippers and a good ol' cuppa tea, to try and garner more votes from people who probably won't be around for the next general election. Cameron is on his second week of shameless...
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David Moyes Wasn't the 'Son of God'

Although crucified by both press and players, it was revealed this morning that Moyes wasn't 'the chosen one'. Alex Ferguson had described the job of leading the 'Red Devils' as being as difficult as 'Moses parting the waves, or Noah building his...
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Funny story:  Rocket Ronnie To Play Blindfolded

Rocket Ronnie To Play Blindfolded

As the Snooker World Championships rumble on, and BBC2 views continue to nose-dive, Head of Snooker, Barry Hearn has come up with a plan. According to sources close to Hearn, he's approached snooker god, and cockney charmer Ronnie O'Sullivan to play...
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Jamaicain Me Crazy! (Because I Cant Hear You)

The BBC's new period drama ended with over 2K complaints from viewers about the actors mumbling. Unfortunately we couldn't hear what a BBC spokesman said on the matter.

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